Internal research on the Evaluation of Pain and Suffering, web application allowing therapists to monitor the evolution of patients' pain and suffering.


  • Technical implementation of a RESTful API on an existing project.
  • Technical assistance and training in best practices using Symfony.
  • Implementation of a resource platform (forge) to facilitate the development and continuous integration of the project: version management system, bug tracking tool, task manager and technical documentation, source testing, packaging.
  • Project migration to PHP 7.2, code optimization, refactoring
  • Implementation of automated tests under Docker to check the code quality of each developer at each code commit
  • Implementation of a secure authentication system via WS-Security for mobile applications.
  • PHP/Symfony2/HTML5 web development, in Agile mode (scrum).
  • Implementation of a Docker platform for the automation of the deployment of the application and an ELK stack in software containers.