Marqueo is an industrial project of La Poste, aimed at piloting franking machines. It allows the operator to frank mail in bulk thanks to the La Poste repositories operated by the Marqueo HMIs.


Sets a complete solution for managing national and international franking events within the La Poste IT.

  • Development of a Symfony/Angular application, Documentation, Testing, Integration, Production Assistance
  • Low-latency real-time event handling for handling large data streams (1 million events per day) via a consumption PHP service on Apache Kafka message bus
  • Breakdown of the project into multiple modules (8) communicating by API (microservices + Guzzle).
  • PHP/Symfony/Angular4/MySQL web developments, in Agile Scrum methodology, project team of 8-9 people. Lead on 5 developers.
  • Participation in the implementation of the new Continuous Integration platform of La Poste emerging PaaS for the automation of the deployment (CI / CD) of applications via Docker / Gitlab-CI / Jenkins / Kubernetes / Openshift.
  • Participation in writing User Stories (US), detailed design, workshops
  • Development, unit and overall tests on the application
  • Software study and design taking/thinking according to the highest priority considerations: business domain, adaptability, maintainability, performance issues, quality, robustness, security, simplicity, automation