Bachelor's degree in Information and modeling systems applied to bioinformatics

University Institute of Technology of Aurillac・University of Auvergne, Aurillac branch


Specialized training in the domains of computer science, analysis tools and modeling dedicated to biology in order to:

  • Produce and analyze biological data in genomics and post-genomics (transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, etc.) and extract relevant information from data from high-throughput techniques (DNA biochips, microarrays, etc.).
  • Manage bioinformatics resources (bioinformatics hardware and software, internet, intranet, online databases, etc.).
  • Develop software/applications under the direction of a biology executive or researcher (custom bioinformatics applications, software chaining, Human-Machine interface, etc.).
  • Organize and communicate: the assistant engineer participates in team work, exchanges scientific and technical information.